Mijn gedachten over Soverin

Ik las laatst een blog waarin er vluchtig gesproken werd over Soverin, een (relatief) nieuw bedrijf (het bestaat sinds 2014) dat e-maildiensten aanbiedt. Soverin zet zichzelf in de markt als een alternatief voor gratis e-mail, met een sterke focus op privacy. Van “gratis” naar “gracieus”, zoals ze dat zelf noemen. Als je mij een beetje [...]

Teaching kids how to code

It's a huge hype to learn how to code these days. And whilst I don't think that everyone should learn to code I do think it can help kids to think in a logical fashion. That's why when the Rietveld Lyceum asked me to give a guest lecture I happily said yes. Beforehand The Rietveld Lyceum organises guest courses of all kinds [...]

Building a live-update dashboard

I've recently finished my internship, in this post I'd like to share my experience with this internship. Because my school allowed me to finish my education quicker (1,5 years instead of 3), I needed to find a company for my internship, quick. So I emailed a couple of companies, some never responded, some were full, some [...]

All about SSL

Updated july second '19. Linked to Mozilla cipher configurator and removed the HPKP part which is hardly used today. SSL is becoming the standard for communication on the web, that's a fact. Apple is even requiring encrypted connections within apps on iOS10. While this marks a milestone, there's also still a lot of confusion around [...]