The future of banking is here 🙌

So something insanely cool happened when I logged-in to 'Mijn ING' this morning. Instead of seeing just my bank accounts a very interesting pop-up showed up.

"Have a bunq-account? You can now view those in 'Mijn ING' as well."

After a very simple set-up process the bunq-accounts were linked and I can now successfully see all my bunq transactions in 'Mijn ING'.

  1. You click the pop-up and ING explains more about the experiment.
  2. ING sends you a text-message with a URL to fill-in your API-key.
  3. You access bunq in order to generate the API-key.
  4. You enter the API-key on the page ING texted you.
  5. On your computer ING prompts you to select the bunq-accounts you'd like to see in 'Mijn ING'.
  6. Victory! You can now see all your bunq transactions in 'Mijn ING'.

This is an amazing example of the use cases for the coming PSD2 regulations and I find it very cool that ING is the first bank to introduce this. Worth mentioning is that this is only possible because bunq allows anyone (including other banks) to use their API.

Ruben Gommers

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Doetinchem, Gelderland

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